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When Irish eyes are smiling, they just might be gazing upon soft and chewy gourmet cookie gifts from The Magic Cookie Company Bake Shoppe. Bring a smile to someone this St Patrick's Day with delicious treats including our Irish Cream de Mint cookies, Kiss Me I'm Irish Cookie, or our variety of Cupcakes and other sweet Irish desserts.  

Make this a lucky day for your office, your home or for that someone special. St. Patrick's Day is Saturday, March 17, 2017.

Order your gourmet St. Pat's cookie gifts and desserts today. If you need assistance or would like to order by phone, please call  702 Raspberry street at  814-218-3313
126 West 9th, 814-218-6259

*Cookie Trays*
4 doz. $25; 7 doz. $45

*Message Cookie Pizzas*
Leprechaun/Standard Circle Small $6.50 or Large $12.50

*Cookie Mugs* $20 (not shown)
6 Homestyle cookies or frosted cutouts in a mug, with a mini balloon

*Gift Hats*
3 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative green carnations-$35
4 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative green carnations-$44

*St. Pat's Day Breakfast Basket* $37.00 (not shown)
4 mini muffins, 4 baby buns, 4 scones, 4 mini coffee cakes and mini Irish Soda Bread

*Shamrock Cutout Arrangement in decorative Hat*
6 Cookies $30; 9 Cookies $38; Baker’s Doz. $48

*St. Pat's Day Cupcakes*
$1.00 each standard size; $2.00 each Jumbo size
Beehive Extra Large Cupcake $30.00 (Chocolate Tipsy Stout Cupcake, Irish Jig Irish Cream, Top of the Mornin’ Lucky Charms, Green with Envy Velvet, Emerald Isle Shamrock Milkshake)

​Speciality Cookies- Flavors include Shamrock-Fetti, Green Velvet Kisses, White Chocolate Green Velvet, Irish Creme de Mint, 

We also have Homestyle Irish favors in pies, cakes, tarts, cream puffs and other desserts such as Irish Soda bread.

We are currently accepting St Pat's Day pre-orders for Friday 3/17

Remember We are a FAMILY Owned & Operated Bake Shoppe
So we ask that you place all orders with 48 HOURS NOTICE.
Larger Orders will require more time.

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