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Kick off the summer with an array of gifts and desserts from The Magic Cookie Company.  Desserts from The Magic Cookie Company turn every barbeque, picnic and get-together into a tasty celebration. We have the perfect gourmet sweets everyone will enjoy.
Our desserts are the ones everybody will be talking about and The Magic Cookie Company offers a large selection of decadent delights to choose from. Serve a creamy fruit tart, cheesecake or grandma’s homemade pies or give your hostess a festive Patriotic cookie gift bucket filled with fresh-baked cookies and rich brownies. Whether you are having a small intimate gathering or a big party, The Magic Cookie Company desserts make the ideal ending to your summer holiday meal.
Order your Patriotic and Summer cookie gifts, cakes, pies, desserts and cupcakes today.  If you need assistance or would like to order by phone, please call us at 814-218-3313 or 814-218-6259

*Chocolate Covered Strawberries* $12 dozen

*Cookie Trays*
4 doz. $25; 7 doz. $45

*Brownie Trays*
3 doz. $27; 5 doz $48

*Message Cookie Pizzas*
Heart/Standard Circle Small $6.50 or Large $12.50

*Cookie Mugs* $20 (not shown)
6 Homestyle cookies or frosted cutouts in a mug, with a mini balloon (Large balloon and a plush $25)

* Goodie Basket*$27.00
1 doz. Homestyle cookies , 2 packs of brownies, plush, mini balloon, and decorative roses

*Gift Hats*
3 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative roses-$35
4 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative roses-$44

*Cutout Arrangement in decorative Top Hat* (Ask about themes; Patriotic, Summer BBQ, Beach Party)
(Add balloon and plush add $5)
6 Cookies $30; 9 Cookies $38; Baker’s Doz. $48

*Cupcakes* (trays for cupcakes are $2/per tray) must be ordered at least a week in advance
$1.00 each standard size; $2.00 each Jumbo size
Beehive Extra Large Cupcake $30.00

Ask about Summer Flavors

*Breads & Rolls*-From sub buns, to pretzel rolls, to croissants, we have the essentials for your sandwich  making needs.  

​*Stuffed Breads*-Our Awesome stuffed breads are great for family gatherings.  From pepperoni, to antipasti, to Philly cheese steak, they are not just fresh yummy bread, but Stuffed! 

We also have Homestyle favors in summer pies, cakes, tarts, cream puffs and other desserts for your graduation party.

Remember We are a FAMILY Owned & Operated Bake Shoppe
So we ask that you place all orders with 48 HOURS NOTICE.
Larger Orders will require more time.

The Magic Cookie Company Bake Shoppe
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  5. Cookie Pizzas
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