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Make mom smile with Mother's Day gift baskets from the Magic Cookie Company. Flowers are nice, but our gourmet cookies are delicious and smell just as good! Satisfy mom's sweet tooth with our array of premium Mother's Day cookies, cakes, cupcakes, tarts and other dessert delights. At the Magic Cookie Company we make shopping for Mother's Day gifts easy. Mother's Day is Sunday May 13, 2018.
The Magic Cookie Company’s Mother’s Day gift baskets, buckets, towers, boxes and cookie tins are filled with treats for mom, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, godmothers and all the special mothers in your life. From fresh baked cookies  to our incredible heart cookie cakes and gourmet brownies, when you send a gift from the Magic Cookie Company you deliver a sweet token of your love and appreciation.
For the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, surprise mom with a Cookie of the Month Club subscription (please call for details). We’ll deliver or ship our great gourmet cookies direct to her home for months!
Order unique Mother’s Day gifts today.  If you need assistance or would like to order by phone, please call  702 Raspberry street at  814-218-3313 or 126 West 9th, 814-218-6259.  If you would like to ship something to your mom, grandma, sister, aunt or anyone, please give us a call and we will work with you to get something to someone you love.  

*Chocolate Covered Strawberries* $12 dozen

*Cookie Trays*
4 doz. $25; 7 doz. $45

*Message Cookie Pizzas*
Heart/Standard Circle Small $6.50 or Large $12.50

*Cookie Mugs* $20 (not shown)
6 Homestyle cookies or frosted cutouts in a mug, with a mini balloon (Large balloon and a plush $25)

*Gift Hats*
3 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative roses-$35
4 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative roses-$44

*Mother's  Day Breakfast Basket* $37.00 (not shown)
4 mini muffins, 4 baby buns, 4 scones, 4 mini coffee cakes and mini tea breads (Add balloon and a plush $40)

*Tea Time Basket* $45.00 (not shown)
Let mom enjoy some tea time with a basket of our Magical Cookies, brownies, and other goodies along with some tea (Add balloon and Plush $50.00)

*Roses Cutout Arrangement in decorative Hat* (Add balloon and plush add $5)
6 Cookies $30; 9 Cookies $38; Baker’s Doz. $48

*Mother's Day Cupcakes*
$1.00 each standard size; $2.00 each Jumbo size
Beehive Extra Large Cupcake $30.00
Mother's Day Flavors-Apple Cinnamon Pancakes and Bacon-A maple apple cinnamon cupcake topped with maple buttercream topped with bacon
*Mocha Cappiccino-A Cappiccino cupcake with Mocha buttercream topped with whipped cream
*Chocolate Raspberry Truffles-A Chocolate cupcake filled with raspberry filling topped with raspberry buttercream
*Strawberries and Roses-A Strawberry Cupcake with Rose Water Buttercream topped with a buttercream rose

We also have Homestyle favors in pies, cakes, tarts, cream puffs and other desserts.

We are currently accepting Mother's Day pre-orders for Friday 5/12

Remember We are a FAMILY Owned & Operated Bake Shoppe
So we ask that you place all orders with 48 HOURS NOTICE.
Larger Orders will require more time.

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