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May Food Holiday and Gift Giving Ideas

*Lemonade Day: 1
*Loyalty Day: 1
*May Day: 1
*School Principals' Day: 1

*Stepmother's Day: 1
*National Teacher Day: 2 (First Tuesday of the First Full Week)
*National Chocolate Mousse Day: 2
*National Raspberry Tart Day:

*Cinco de Mayo: 5 

*Kentucky Derby: 6 (First Saturday)
*National Coconut Cream Pie Day: 8

*Receptionists Day: 10 (Second Wednesday)
*School Nurse Day: 10 Link (Always the Wednesday of School Nurse Week 6-12)
*National Eat what you want Day: 11

*Military Spouse Appreciation Day: 12 (Friday before Mother's Day)

*Baby Sitters Day: 13 (Saturday before Mother's Day)

*Birthmother's Day (Saturday before Mother's Day): 13
*National Nutty Fudge Day: 13

*Mother's Day: 14

*National Chocolate Chip Day: 15 

*Mimosa Day: 16 (Drink)
*National Cherry Cobbler Day:17

*National Devil's Food Cake Day: 19
*National Strawberries and cream day: 21
*Neighbor Day: 21 (Sunday before Memorial Day Weekend)

*Cookie Monster's Birthday: 25

*National Cherry Dessert Day: 26
*Memorial Day: 29
*Mint Julip Day: 30
*National Macarroon Day: 31