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To You Dad!
Father's Day is celebrated the 3rd Sunday in June, June 18th. Surprise Dad with one of the Magic Cookie Company's Father's Day gifts to brighten up his special day. We have gourmet Father's Day cookies, brownies, and many other great gifts for Dad.
Our Father’s Day gift baskets are perfect for all the special Dads in your life. Is your dad a sports fan? We’ve got sports-themed Father’s Day cookies including a Golf Bucket and a Sports Party Hat.
For cheesecake lovers, we offer great gifts for Dad such as Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake, Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, Pineapple Cheesecake and a box of individual mini cheesecakes.
The Magic Cookie Company has lots of great father’s day gifts to choose from. Does Dad like sumptuously rich  brownis? Tell pop to park a tin of our brownies next to the grill or on the coffee table while he watches the game.  Does dad like Beer and Peanuts?  How about a Beer and Peanuts Cupcake?
Of course you can always send The Magic Cookie Company Bake Shoppe's classic pink cookie box packed with a batch of fresh baked cookies available in a variety of different flavors.
Whatever his taste, the Magic Cookie Company's Father’s Day gifts are a wonderful way to show Dad how much you care. Order great gifts for Dad today. If you need assistance or would like to order by phone, please call us at 814-218-3313 or 814-218-6259

*Chocolate Covered Strawberries* $12 dozen

*Cookie Trays*
4 doz. $25; 7 doz. $45

*Message Cookie Pizzas*
Heart/Standard Circle Small $6.50 or Large $12.50

*Cookie Mugs* $20 (not shown)
6 Homestyle cookies or frosted cutouts in a mug, with a mini balloon (Large balloon and a plush $25)

* Goodie Basket*$27.00
1 doz. Homestyle cookies , 2 packs of brownies, plush, mini balloon, and decorative roses

*Gift Hats*
3 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative roses-$35
4 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative roses-$44

*Father's Day Breakfast Basket* $37.00 (not shown)
4 mini muffins, 4 baby buns, 4 scones, 4 mini coffee cakes and mini tea breads (Add balloon and a plush $40)

*Cutout Arrangement in decorative Top Hat* (Ask about themes; Sports, Golf, Fishing; Smileys)
(Add balloon and plush add $5)
6 Cookies $30; 9 Cookies $38; Baker’s Doz. $48

*Cupcakes* (trays for cupcakes are $2/per tray) must be ordered at least a week in advance
$1.00 each standard size; $2.00 each Jumbo size
Beehive Extra Large Cupcake $30.00

*Father's Day Flavors
*French Toast and Bacon-A Cinnamon Maple Cupcake topped with Maple buttercream topped with bacon, a pad of buttery buttercream and powdered sugar
*Beer and Peanuts-A light Stout Cupcake baked with peanuts topped with a salty carmel buttercream, peanuts and more carmel
*Honey BBQ-A Honey BBQ cupcake topped with Honey Buttercream and bacon!
*Irish Cream Pie-An Irish Cream Chocolate Cupcake topped with Irish Cream Chocolate Whipped Cream with a dusting of cocoa   

We also have Homestyle favors in pies, cakes, tarts, cream puffs and other desserts for your graduation party.

Remember We are a FAMILY Owned & Operated Bake Shoppe
So we ask that you place all orders with 48 HOURS NOTICE.
Larger Orders will require more time.

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