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Sometimes people you love leave home. Kids, for example, have a nasty habit of  "going away to college" and "having a great time at camp". You can't go with them, but you can send some love in the mail with one of our delicious cookie care packages.  Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or a just a regular day when they're feeling blue, cookies from home are the answer. We custom bake delectable old-fashioned favorites from our Magic Cookie menu, pack them by hand in a box, and express ship our mom-made care package to a college dorm, boarding school, camp, or wherever your missing person may be.  

MOM or Dad in a Box!   

It doesn’t matter how seasoned they are at college life, they still miss home as well as goodies from home.
Show a homesick college freshman that someone is thinking of them with a nice present from you. Send a college care package to your favorite college kid! Send them the comforts of Frest Baked Cookies and other Magical Goodies!
They might tell you everything is OK over the phone or on Facebook, but you need to go the extra mile and send them something special. Don't delay send a gift for a homesick college student or to help study for exams today!

Send a college care package to your son or daugher now!

**We hand deliver to Gannon, Mercyhurst and Penn State Behrend for a delivery charge; Edinboro would have to be shipped via by USPS priority mail. **

Every treat is made from premium ingredients using tried and true family recipes.

We bake to order, personally pack each box, and ship everything by USPS priority mail or hand deliver!

Our cookies, your treat.  As soon as they open the box, they know it's from someone who cares.

Here are some ideas that may help your or daughter away from home
*Cookie Trays* 4 doz. $25; 7 doz. $45

*Message Cookie Pizzas*
Hearts/Standard Circle Small $7; Large $13

*Cookie Mugs* $20

6 Homestyle cookies in a decorative mug, with a mini balloon

*Gift Hats*

1 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative roses-$27

2 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative roses-$30

3 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative roses-$35

4 doz. Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon, plush, decorative roses-$45

*Breakfast Basket* $37.00
4 muffins, 4 baby buns, 4 scones, 4 mini coffee cakes and 4 Danish
Add a balloon and plush $40.00

*Goodie Basket $30.00
1 doz. Homestyle cookies , 2 packs of brownies,  mug with a few packets of hot beverages, plush, mini balloon, and decorative roses

Our Homestyle Cookies are $6.00 a dozen; Brownies are $9.00; ask about other dessert items!

  1. Cookie Gift Baskets
    Cookie Gift Baskets
  2. Cookie Trays
    Cookie Trays
  3. Cookie Mugs (V-day shown)
    Cookie Mugs (V-day shown)
  4. Cookie Hats
    Cookie Hats
  5. Cookie Pizza
    Cookie Pizza